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About AWRS

Gary Bauhof

Owner / Operator

Austin's Wildlife Removal Service - Gary Bauhof

Gary has lived in Texas his whole life, graduating from Sharpstown High in Houston. After high school, Gary started to work construction, he worked his way up the construction ladder until one day, he almost took a steep fall and decided to switch careers. He went on to do building maintenance, then switched to pest control and started working with a friend. A few years later he opened his own business, Remedy Pest Control which stayed open from 1995-2001. During this time, he did some critter jobs, and about 2 years into the business, he was told that Austin was in need for an animal removal specialist. Gary decided that that’s what he wanted to do and finally changed his business to Austin’s Wildlife Removal Services in 2001.

Gary loves the mystery of figuring out what critter people have in their homes. He calls himself a problem solver and is very happy doing so. He is very service-oriented and is always ready to solve any problem you may have.

Gary brings decades of experience to bear when resolving animal problems in your homes and facilities. He has an incredible success rate and is most often the last call you’ll need to make for a resolution. He also handles repairs for a majority of the damage animals do to home infestations.

Austin’s Wildlife Removal Services resolves the human and animal conflict.

If you think you may have an critter problem, please call us for your free phone consultation at 512-278-0278.

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