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Reviews & Testimonials

Jan Sartain

Thank you so much for coming to our home and resolving our deer conflict with the fence while we were out of town.

We greatly appreciate your work!

George Sudarshan

Professor of Physics, University of Texas
Thanks very much for your services. You certainly went all the way to get our unwanted guests.

Dena & Scott Dupuie

We really appreciate everything you did to help us get rid of our critters. We are definitely sleeping more soundly!

Your service is high quality and we will definitely spread the word.

Pat Hirlop

Thank you for “getting rid” of the critters. My friend Jane said you were a very nice person!

Anni Huff

Thank you so much for all the work you did removing the rats from my duplex.

I hope to never see another rat unless it’s in a cage. You went way above the call of duty on this one.

Doris Ann Horton

Thank you for taking care of my skunk problem. I’ve told several people about your service.

I appreciate you letting us ask a gazillion questions.

Christine and Dave Forest

Thanks for all the work to keep the furry beasts out of our attic! You’ll be happy to know that it’s been very quiet, and the test cookie in the attic hasnt been touched. We can’t tell you how relieved we are.

We hope you enjoyed your holidays and good luck to you in the new year!


Dawn P.

Thanks for taking such good care of us!

Your service was AWESOME and I’ll be very happy to recommend you to any of my friends!

Karen Stoll

Once again, thank you SO much for rescuing me. I am so impressed with the way you do business.

Rich Grohman

On behalf of myself and the other half dozen residences here, I want to commend you for the service you rendered in trapping and removing the 7 skunks for us. Throughout the entire process, I was sincerely impressed by a number of things: 1) your friendly, courteous, and helpful nature, 2) your depth of knowledge about skunks (and the other pesky critters we have in the area), and 3) your expert and TOTALLY UNIQUE skills for trapping and removing these skunks. From our conversations, I learned more useable “stuff” about skunks and other pesky critters than i even expected to know in my lifetime.

I would/will enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone in need of them…

Rich Grohman